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The Piano Arts School was established in 1983 to promote world class piano instruction. Founded and run by the world renound Artur Stoyanov, the Piano Arts School caters to students of all ages and abilities.

Under the instruction of Artur Stoyanov

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Ever wanted to play the piano but never took the time to learn? Think it's only for children to pick up as a beginner? It's never too late. Piano lessons are open for anymore at Piano Arts School, in Denver, CO. Run solely by music instructor Artur Stoyanov, Piano Arts School can enrich the lives of adults and children alike, of various circumstances and backgrounds. Teaching music since 1983, Stoyanov is a skilled musician and patient instructor for private lessons. He takes in total beginners, those who have dabbled in piano arts previously with a few lessons, and intermediate students of various strengths. It is his goal to bring personal satisfaction to his student- not merely to get huge profit. His promise to you as as a student would not be to make you the next Rachmaninov- just a promise of making the piano more appealing and vital for your life.

Artur Stoyanov may just guide you towards better overall health with piano lessons. Mentally, one can gain better over concentration in carrying out life decisions and tasks. Learning the keys can be compared to learning the steps to take in life's path. Mentally, producing the tranquil sounds of the piano makes for a more mentally, calm and relaxed Piano study has also been linked to better eyesight and posture

Want your child to have an increased chance of being highly intelligent? Bring him or her in early in life at Piano Arts School for Stoyanov's music classes for children. Several psychological studies have shown that kids playing the piano and having continuous music lessons increase development- specifically spatial- temporal reasoning, or putting things in space within a time ordered sequence. Let Piano Arts School be the institution to help shape your young budding musician or to bring out all who you wanted to be from you piano-playing dreams.